Sideline Hecklers Podcast 9/12

Fellow Hecklers,

Our weekly Sideline Hecklers Podcast begins Thursday, September 12.

We’ll recap the Razorbacks SEC matchup with Ole Miss (or not).

We’re likely to spend a couple of seconds on the Sooners smashing of their Cupcake City opponent (South Dakota).

And, it’s sure to be a fun look back at the Dallas Cowboys season-opening showdown with the New York Giants at Jerry World.

We’ll also look ahead to upcoming games and share our not-so-bold predictions.

Cowboys start slow, finish strong in Free Agency

“America’s Team” didn’t make any big headlines with big-name signings at the outset.

But, they definitely finished strong with DL signees Covington (from Houston) and Hyder (from Detroit). AND, great pick-up of WR Randall Cobb (Green Bay) to replace Beasley.

Liked Beasley a lot. But, Cobb could be a very worthwhile tradeoff for Beasley.

Now, can’t wait to see what the Cowboys focus will be in the upcoming draft.

Ready to see Dallas take huge steps forward this fall and become a legit Super Bowl contender.

Ready for football season.

Cowboys to Draft WR?

Not convinced Cowboys should draft a WR with their first round selection. Still need playmakers on the defensive line and at linebacker. If there’s a premier DL or LB when Cowboys go on the clock, I’d still consider high-caliber upgrade at these 2 spots.